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EV Chargers

Potter EV provides a full selection of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for businesses and parking lots. We supply, install, and maintain the EV charger so that your customers, employees, or fleet can keep moving.

We offer detailed industry knowledge, access to multiple product lines, software management services, and the installation expertise required to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and EV charging.

We bring the future to you. 

Our EV Chargers

Potter EV supplies electric car charging stations for convenient stores, office buildings, business parking lots, public facilities like airports, and government complexes. We offer both pedestal chargers and wall-mounted EV Chargers that feature 0 to 80% charge in less than 30 minutes.
Efacec HV175 High Power Fast Charging Station

Efacec QC45

The QC45 is a Quick Charging station able to charge all EVs with CHAdeMO and CCS compliance.

Efacec HV175 High Power Fast Charging Station

Efacec HV175

The HV configuration allows for fast EV charging and is designed for long-range EVs and heavy vehicles.

efacec EV public charger

Efacec PC

This public EV charging station can charge two vehicles at once with either a pedestal or wall mount.

EV Charging Power Pole

EV Power Pole

The power pole for your EV Charger can be hidden in plain sight and blend with your streetscape.

EVbox Business Line EV Charger

EVbox Business Line

Durable, low maintenance, and works within your circuit capacity to reduce installation costs. It can be networked too.

EVbox Business Line EV Charger

EV Power Pods

Deployable, fast charging, self-contained EV charging stations runs on Green Propane and Renewable Propane.

EV Fleet

EV Fleet

Potter EV has the clean and cost-effective EV vehicles municipal and corporate fleet managers are looking for.

Our Services

We are a company that helps you select the right charging stations for you and your business. We also provide design support and install them throughout, making sure everything runs smoothly!
EV Charging Station Design


We plan every part of your installation from laying lines to software management.

EV Box Business Line Public Charging Station


Potter EV’s team sets you up for immediate success with your EV chargers. 

Efacec QC45 EV Charging Station


We keep you powered up so you can keep your EVs moving.

Charge Into The Future.  Be EV Ready.

Let's get charged up!

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